Who Are We?

Poppers Distribution is a website specialized in the sale of Poppers for B2B customers.

With years of experience in B2B offline and online B2C sales, we have extensive knowledge of the Poppers world, and we make our expertise available to advise you on the best products.

Our Products

We offer a wide range of products and the most recognized brands worldwide: Rush, Amyl, Iron Fist, Amsterdam...

Over 180 different references available in bulk or half-bulk.

Authenticity and Freshness

We work directly with the production factory, without intermediaries, allowing us to guarantee authentic products, provide you with fresh products, and offer the most competitive prices on the market.

Our Customers

Our catalog is available to all professionals: tobacco shops, sex shops, specialized stores, saunas, bars, nightclubs, e-commerce sites...

We ship worldwide, and all our products are shipped from France.

Commitment to Quality

We make it a point to offer only the highest quality products. Each bottle of poppers we sell is subject to strict standards to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Contact Us

Have questions? Need advice? Feel free to contact our team, which will be happy to assist you.